Cherry Blossoms

Springtime in Central Park is by far one of my favorite moments.  The park is full of excitement after a long cold winter.  This past winter was especially long and to see color in the park was a welcoming sight!
The Cherry Blossoms normally bloom in early to mid April.  This year, however, I made 3 trips to the park all ending in disappointment. When I finally went last week and saw the  pink blooms from the street I couldn’t hide my excitement and my thoughts of “finally!”  With a rainy month of April, my weekend shoots have been chaotic with lots of re-scheduling, indoor sessions, etc. I was so happy when my returning Fall Clients requested a early Monday morning session!  I am always available to meet with clients during the week from the hours of 8-9am and the benefits are amazing! You get a relatively empty park, incredible light and no weekend crowds!  Understandably it does not work for everyone but I encourage anyone who can to book these early sessions!
I loved this picture when I shot it and love it even more after posting! This 7 month old cutie was so interested in the pink blossoms he was seeing for the first time. He will see much more of the world soon as he spends the summer in Ireland and moves to my old city Austin, TX!  I’m so happy I was able to document his time in NYC!


Today was a Fairytale….

With the “Royal Wedding” occupying my mind today.. I can’t help but thinking about this photo taken last weekend in Central Park.  The overwhelming joy in this new Mother was displayed so transparently that I could even see it while looking upon her back.  We had such great shoot and managed to get so many different shots in such a short time.  I strive to keep moving and never linger too long in any one location. If you aren’t getting the shot you want…. just keep moving and never take the camera away from your face!


what photo should I begin with?

Hello Fans!
I’m proud to debut the first entry of my photography blog.  This will be an exciting way for me to share my photos sessions with readers! I will also be sharing tips and welcoming questions to all who view!

When pondering “what photo should I begin with?” I thought to myself.. what better way to being a new blog with a brand new baby!

I met this beautiful baby last week in her downtown apartment .  I was stunned at the beauty and peacefulness of this 10 day old newborn. I like to step lightly and speak softly around my newborns and do not to waste shots by snapping away.
A newborn only has a certain timeframe when laying by herself, so it is necessary to set up your scene before the baby is placed.  Looking through the lens into the baby’s eyes, I can’t help but as myself the questions of…
What will she look like in 1 yr., 5yrs, even 20 yrs?? For now, she is only 10 days old and will always be 10 days old in this picture you are looking at :-)